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Some real estate guys.


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  • Image of Some real estate guys.

A salute to who really runs Jersey City! Work a little sympathetic magick by associating yourself with the true power brokers of present day Jersey City listed on this fine tote bag which you can carry around as you run your day, their influence positively exuding from the bag. Want to curry the favor of a politician? Well, start by catching the eye of one of these fine gents (erm, companies) who underwrite the political campaigns of most candidates in our fair city. Want to dictate the basics of local government, like education, traffic patterns, and which crimes get paid attention to and which get totally swept under the rug? Want -- oh, I don't know -- a supermarket in your neighborhood, or to walk down the street without being hit by a car or shot, or for the schools to be totally short-changed for some reason? Don't waste your time pleading your case to electeds; they're (mostly) just taking their orders from these guys already. Go straight to the top! Straight to the altar of real estate! This is who you want to talk to. Feel free to offer them an abatement while you beg for whatever scraps they'll throw you.

The style of this hand-drawn logo is based on the famous t-shirt created by Experimental Jetset, who write: "We have always been interested in the concept of 'self-referentiality': the idea of graphic design that refers to itself, to its own context, or to the medium as a whole. (Self-referentiality is often seen as a post-modern property, which is something we simply disagree with; it has always been our goal to put self-referentiality back in the modernist bloc). []

YES!!!! Hastily and nervously drawn by a local artist as she runs off to her day job teaching undergraduate students, this tote bag captures a unique moment in Jersey City history. For once, power has been pried from the hands of greedy and ruthless politicians. And it's been given to the true Underdogs of Life in 2019: real estate developers! Hurrah!

Available only at the JC West Side Holiday Craft Fair 2019.
Sunday, December 15th, noon - 5pm
St. Dominic Academy, JFK and Duncan Aves