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Mutual Aid is Beautiful linocut print


Here's a linocut print I made this summer! The image size is 12 x 12", paper size is ~13.5 x 13.5. Signed, not numbered!

I made these as a fundraiser for a big mutual aid project I'm doing called the Really Really Free Market (Sept 12 at Mana! Come get free books and art supplies!! Message me for info!!). But while the market itself is free and people will be welcome to come take as many art supplies and books as they need, it comes with some expenses for me, namely: masks, sanitizer, bottled water, and a few other assorted sundries and items. This is NOT an expensive event, luckily. But given everything else going on in the world, I figured it would probably be nice to try and clear my expenses with a benefit print.

This is an open edition; not sure how many I'm going to print (realistically: fewer than 50). It will ship regular mail, the week of Sept 7th. I'm making a few available now, might print up more later -- who knows! Also I am new to editioning so there are variations between prints but I swear you will get something that looks cool and you can proudly hang on your wall. (And if you're local and want to pick up, pay for postage and I'll reimburse you.)

Support mutual aid in Jersey City!!! <3

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