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MASKS! Please read description.


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  • Image of MASKS! Please read description.
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  • Image of MASKS! Please read description.

Friends! Do you need a mask?!?
It's gotten very hard for me to get supplies and to the post office. So I am taking a break. Check out these fine vendors that I totally recommend!!!

1. Boxer Bros
Includes low/fixed income option:
Also buy from her at full price so she can continue! Kerry is my across-the-street neighbor and she's good people!

2. Broderpress
Former student of mine and small business owner Shannon is also making masks:
And she's great!!

3. Leslie Lone:
@hudsoncothreads on IG or
*She's really great if you want local, contactless pickup in JC!!!

ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!!!!! They all need your support, they're all local, and they're all women-run, one-person businesses that kick ass and will make your mask by hand!!! Support them and support local (VERY local!! #1 and #3 are in Jersey City; #2 is in NYC).

Thank you all so much for an overwhelming response to my masks. I hope to return sometime in the summer with a new design and fabrics, once getting supplies returns to normal. Until then, please give your business to these amazing women listed above!



*****New masks go on sale Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8pm****
Two more rounds of masks left - April 14 and April 18th.
After that, I'm taking a break.... for an alternative vendor, check out:

Coronavirus mask!! Sewn (by me) with a nonwoven fabric filter. Washable!

Are you an emergency worker? A grocery store clerk? Low income or recently laid off? This mask is for you. It will cost you 25 cents + free postage (US only, please!). The low price of these masks is subsidized by people buying the full price masks (available in a separate listing). You don't have to show any proof of need; we're doing this on trust. Don't feel weird about getting one of these. No questions/no judgment.

* Yes, you can buy one at this price and donate to someone who you know is of need. That's totally ok!

***********Please read as there's been a few changes:
NEW DESIGN: as elastic has become harder and harder to get, I'm switching at least for a while to fabric ties. To wear, slip your head through the first loop so that it lays down by your neck, then position the mask on your face, then tie it up top like you were tying a ponytail.

Mystery colors: look they’re good I swear! I only get a few pics I can post and I have a bunch of styles where I only had one each pattern. They’re all ones I’ve posted before - nothing crazy.

Want to make your own mask? Or want other info? Check out

Washing instructions:

Wash often.
Ideally: place in a lingerie bag. Then wash it with your regular wash – warm or cold water (hot is fine too, but cooler temps will extend the life of the mask). Regular detergent/colorsafe bleach, just like your regular laundry. The biggest concern is whether or not the smell of the detergent/bleach will annoy your nose; odorless is always best. Dry with regular laundry.
Don’t have a washing machine? Soak your mask in warm water and a mix of detergent and colorsafe bleach (if you want). Let it hang out there in that soapy mix for 10 minutes or more. Then, rinse it out by squishing it with your hands while you run fresh water. Air dry.