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Mail art October 2020 subscription -- special Halloween edition!


  • Image of Mail art October 2020 subscription -- special Halloween edition!
  • Image of Mail art October 2020 subscription -- special Halloween edition!
  • Image of Mail art October 2020 subscription -- special Halloween edition!

***Goes on sale9/25 at 10AM EST. This link will go live then and you can order! A very limited number will be made available then but check back.***

Do you like to get weird art mailed to you?? Then this is for you. Get somewhere between 3-6 mystery works of art sent directly to you between Oct 1 - 31 for $20. It's all a big surprise. Even I have no idea what will be included. The envelopes are especially crazy! I tend to respond to things going on in the world, but also I try to keep things cheerful and upbeat or at least thoughtful because no one really wants sad things mailed to them. Past mailings have included: artist's books, sticker, recipes, a tiny flag, and more!

****For the month of October: we're getting spooky!! Halloween is canceled everywhere but we can still celebrate in our mailboxes. So for all of October, there will be Halloween-themed mail art. I've been looking forward to this since I started this project!

Some of the works are xeroxed (with hand coloring); some are woodblock printed, some are individually drawn, and some are screenprinted. Each involves a bunch of work by hand, by me! You really get something unique and interesting.

BUYING FOR A FRIEND? That's great... just please LET THEM KNOW that it is on its way. The subscription will likely just start with something being mailed to them on October 1. There might not be a letter introducing what on earth this is. I don't want to scare your friends.

BUYING FOR A KID? That's super cool... please just know this is intended for an adult audience. Which is not to say I'm sending anything inappropriate for kids to be exposed to (no nudity, etc) but it's not specifically written or designed to be on a "kid level" or of interest to kids. That said, please include a grown-up's email address with your order so I can contact you if there's any question about any of the entries. **ALSO... if your kid is especially young, your mail carrier may not recognize their name on the envelope. If the kid has never gotten mail delivered to them before, or has a different last name than others in the residence, please put their name somewhere where the carrier will see it and deliver the mail to them.

The USPS can sometimes be strange and mysterious! I will, in good faith, put 3-6 works of art in the mail to you. It's possible they might not all arrive. There's not much I can do about that. Everything is designed to fit into a standard-sized mailbox so you don't have to go to the post office. If you seem to have missed one, you are free to email me and ask for a replacement, but I might not always have one. Especially now, with lots of weird stuff happening with the mail and so forth, things are uncertain.

----> DOMESTIC MAIL ONLINE. Sorry, international friends! Someday I'll figure out a way to get you cool things! For now, US only please!